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Corporate Events

Corporate events can vary greatly and can have a great impact on company image. Planning a corporate event, whether it is a national trade show or a local company picnic recognizing employee achievements can be stressful at the least and disastrous if not managed properly.

Whether you are launching a new product or trying to retain your loyal customers’ one thing is certain, you need to leave a lasting, positive impression on your audience. A successful event will leave the audience impressed, inspired and motivated to use your company.

Every business can benefit from staging a corporate event. There are ideal ways of promoting a business, attracting clients, raising your profile and strengthening relations between employees. At Violin we offer a wide range of corporate packages to suit every occasion. Our experienced team of professional event organizers can organize team away days, team building events or corporate entertainment both in India and abroad. We can come up with the ideal package to suit.

A measure of the success Violin enjoys is the number of clients who come back to us time after time approaching for another event. Our reputation within the Corporate Events industry has grown on the back of this success and the fact that we believe there is nothing we cannot achieve for our customers. Our dedicated and enthusiastic teams are constantly finding new ways to push the boundaries of corporate entertainment and provide new and existing clients with truly unique events.

Violin believes that an event does not have to be expensive and should not seem excessive; after all it is your client’s money that is ultimately paying for any event you organize. This said, money wisely spent is seen as a positive reflection of your company and your clients will feel appreciated.

  • Conference
  • Seminar
  • Corporate Gifting
  • Promotion
  • Road Show
  • Exhibition
  • Award Ceremony
  • Product Launch
  • Business Summit
  • Gala Nite